Casual in-home family photos by Utah photographer Alora Lani
Casual in-home family photos by Utah photographer Alora Lani
Casual in-home family photos by Utah photographer Alora Lani

I recently photographed the Wilson Family in their home. With a brand new baby and young son, it was the perfect timing for updated photos. If you are due for updated family photos, click here to contact me about my availability.

I have a special love for in-home family photos, and want to share my top reasons why your own house may be the perfect location for your next session.

In-Home Sessions Are a True Snapshot in Time

Consistent family photos are about freezing a moment in time to look back on. Remembering the details of your home over the years adds another special layer to your photo albums. Now, flipping through them together will bring a rush of memories and conversations for the whole family to reminisce and laugh over!

In-home newborn photos by Utah photographer Alora Lani

Your Kids Will Likely Focus Better in the Place They Are Most Comfortable

During the Wilson Family’s photos, their son grew increasingly playful and happy as the shoot went on. For many shoots with young kids, the opposite is usually true! But this time he was delighted to have time to cuddle and play with his parents, in the familiarity of their own home. He quickly seemed to forget I was even there, quietly snapping photos, and that made for the most genuine shots. 

If your children are young, or don’t normally enjoy having their picture taken, shooting in your home can make a world of difference. That way, if your kids still get bored or overwhelmed, they can easily take a break in their own space while you and your partner can get some photos together.

In-home newborn photos by Utah photographer Alora Lani
Casual in-home family photos by Utah photographer Alora Lani

These Photos Will Reflect Your Families Personality Completely

Feeling comfortable will allow the personality of each family member to shine through, and that is my ultimate goal with family photos. As a fine art photographer, I love capturing emotion and connection. More than perfectly posed – everyone look at me and say “cheese!” – I am drawn to unexpected moments. This shoot was full of them as the Wilson’s son snuggled up to his new baby sibling and kept giving kisses on his mom’s cheek. 

Because I am here to capture a true memory of your day to day life, don’t worry about your home being perfect. The imperfections are a true testament to this phase in your life, and I want to capture it completely.

Remember Taking Your In-Home Family Photos Fondly

Family photos with young kids can easily feel more like a stressful whirlwind than a happy memory. Not only will you look back more fondly on a more casual and comfortable shoot, but your kids will too. Imagine, years from now, showing your children photos in their first childhood home. They will love seeing their old bedroom far more than pictures standing in a nice field or other classic location.

Casual in-home family photos by Utah photographer Alora Lani
in-home family photos by Utah photographer Alora Lani

And Finally, Work on Your Timeframe

In-home family photos means avoiding studio time limits or short attention spans. Take breaks as needed, let your kids do their thing, and enjoy actual family time together.

I am happy to put together a quote that includes enough time to truly relax and get the best shots without feeling rushed. I am Based in Utah and Southern California. Click here to contact me about your next family photos!


5 Reasons to Take In-Home Family Photos


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