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During quiet moments between classic wedding photos, I love to capture detail shots. This of course includes photos of your wedding dress, flowers, and ceremony and reception details. But it can also include even smaller details that make your wedding day unique – such as your bridal earrings, the perfume you chose for this special day, or the ribbon hanging from your bouquet. 

One of my favorite ways to capture these details is in a styled flatlay. Below I am sharing inspiration for your wedding detail shots, and ways to have your photographer capture them. Including tips from flatlays I have captured over the years, here is how to prepare for your perfect wedding details flatlay photo –

Gather the Details That Complete The Feel Of Your Wedding Day

Flatlay photos are all about remembering even the smallest details of your happiest day. You have worked hard to consider everything, down to the stamps on your invitations or the ring box your wedding bands are eagerly waiting in. These photos capture what completed the feel of your wedding – the cherries on top of the more abundant decor. These are the items you will carefully tuck away before lovingly pulling them out on anniversaries through the years. They will spark memories that even the photographs can’t, with the scents they carry. These tangible wedding details can become family heirlooms. Here are some ideas for what details to plan for photos:

What to Include In Your Wedding Details Flatlay

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Coordinate to Add Your Wedding Bands

I start with the most obvious because this takes advance planning. Coordinate with your photographer the best time of day for them to borrow your rings to photograph. Perhaps while you start getting ready, before they come to take photos of the end of that process.

You can also include a ring box that matches your wedding colors. My favorite options are from The Mrs Box, where there are plentiful color and style options, and you can even get custom personalization.

Bring Along a Copy of Your Invitation Suite

During the mad scramble to send out your invitations, don’t forget to set some extra copies aside. You will want to keep your own for safekeeping, and at least one for your photographer to include in your wedding day flatlay.

Have Your Florist Leave Out a Few Blooms for Styling

Including a few flowers or petals is one of my favorite ways to complete the styling of a flatlay. It would be best to mention this to your florist beforehand, to have them bring a few extra stems for this purpose. If you forget to do this, don’t worry. I can always borrow a boutonniere from a groomsman or include a bridesmaids bouquet in the shot instead.

During your wedding day, I will always be as proactive as possible in photographing these details without disturbing the schedule, you, or your bridal party. But some advance planning can help us both know the shots you hope for are being taken care of without delay.

Consider Family Heirlooms to Add

If there are family heirlooms you want to honor on your wedding day, but haven’t been sure how to do it, a flatlay photo can be the perfect opportunity. Whether you are wearing mom’s pearl earrings for your “something borrowed” or grandma’s cherished broach didn’t quite make the cut for your bridal look, I love including items like this in a styled photo.

Add a Romantic Touch, Such As a Handwritten Copy Of Your Vows

Level up your flatlay with some sort of handwritten details, like your vows or a love note for the morning of your wedding. You have probably seen photos of couples reading their letter to each-other during a touching moment before the rest of their wedding festivities begin. Not only is this a beautiful idea, but a perfect keepsake I want to photograph.

Try These Other Ideas For Your Wedding Details Flatlay

  • A bit of lace from your dress, saved from the seamstress
  • Your bridal shoes or hair accessories 
  • Other paper goods, such as your dinner menu 
  • Printed photos from your formal session
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Gather Items Together and Assign Someone to Get Them to Your Photographer

Whatever you want included in your wedding day detail flatlay, organize these items together. Group anything you can in advance and plan how your photographer will access it. Have your wedding day coordinator or a bridal party member pass it off and keep track of it. And if there are items you cannot gather together beforehand, such as wedding rings or bridal accessories, plan with your photographer when she can borrow those.

Styling and photographing your wedding details could also happen during your formal wedding shoot, for one less thing to worry about on your big day. Either way, with some previous organization and quick delegation, it shouldn’t be difficult to make sure your photographer has everything they need for a stunning flatlay.

Plan Your Wedding Day Photography

As you can see in the inspiration throughout this post, I love photographing a variety of wedding styles. My goal for any wedding is to capture heirloom quality images you can cherish, and remember every moment and feeling of your wedding day by. Click here to contact me about working together!

I would love to hear what details you want to make sure are photographed, and plan in advance together. I work hard on your wedding day to make sure you can breathe easy, be in the moment, and know the photos you dream of are being taken care of.


Planning a Flatlay Shot for Your Wedding Day Details


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